Break The Cup’s Commitment And Donations

Break The Cup will donated a 5% of the utility of each purchase to the Jaguar Rescue Center in Limón, Costa Rica.

The Jaguar Rescue Center is a wildlife sanctuary located on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. Please visit and learn more on how your purchase is making the difference.



What is the Center

Established in 2008, the Jaguar Rescue Center is an organization dedicated to helping animals in need. With uncompromising care and love, the JRC rehabilitates injured, sick and orphaned animals and releases those who are restored to good health back to their natural habitat. Through educational outreach, the JRC provides environmental awareness, promotes a harmonious relationship with native wildlife, and encourages the community to protect our delicate ecosystems.


The Jaguar Rescue Center is located in Playa Cocles, about 4 miles from the center of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca in the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. 

What we do

We go out to rescue sick, injured or orphaned animals and bring them back to the Center to provide them medical care and rehabilitation.

We provide the best possible veterinary care for animals who stay at the JRC. Our veterinary facilities are one of the best in the country.

We have a 6-step protocol for wild animals rehabilitation. Rehabilitation can include food, medication, physical therapy and necessary surgeries

As a center for scientific inquiry into animals and animal behavior, the JRC conducts its own animal research, and also assists private individuals and larger organizations that are interested in researching animals.

We educate both visitors and the local community on the care and treatment of animals, and their important to the local habitat.

We own a 49-hectare property in the primary forest called La Ceiba. This place is used as the release point for animals to be reintroduced to their natural habitat after their stay at the JRC.




Since we started our work in 2008 we have rescued an average of 500 - 700 animals per year and successfully released over 40% of them back into their natural habitat.

Being a transitional animal center, the numbers and species of the animals vary all the time. At all times we have between 130 to 200 temporary and permanent animals. To give a general idea, for now (we have approximately 80 mammals, 30 birds and 50 reptiles. An average of 3 animals arrive to the JRC every day.